Fall/Winter 2021 Sunglass Trends

The coziest time of year has come, but don’t pack your sunglasses away just yet! These fall/winter 2021 sunglass trends are all the rage right now. 

Glasses have become a staple accessory in 2021 fashion and they’re not going away any time soon. We’ve seen all shapes, sizes, and colors and we’re just getting started! Here are five trends to get on board with.

#1. Red, red, and more red

Red has been a huge color this year, matching with almost any outfit. These Moschino Cateye and Valentino Oval Cateye glasses are the perfect example! Just in time for the holidays.

#2. Animal Print

We have seen animal print make a huge comeback this year. Cheetah print has been ruling the fashion industry, and the comeback of Y2K fashion has made a huge impact as well. Pair your dark, grungy, fall outfits with this pair of Roberto Cavalli animal print glasses at an unbeatable price.

#3. Oddly Shaped

Two years ago, if you would have showed up with oddly shaped glasses to an event, you would have gotten many dirty looks. But in 2021, there are no rules. Pairs like these Moschino Shield or Dior Oval sunglasses can guarantee more likes on your Instagram post.

#4. Y2K

Like I said before, the Y2K fashion comebacks are all anybody is wearing. Baggy jeans, fun prints, sweater vests, and fun colored sunglasses are just a few trends that have stayed current over this year. Grab a pair of these Celine Cateye glasses to spice up your trendy ‘00’s look.

#5. Gold

Last but not least, a color that will never go out of style, gold. This color can and will match with any outfit, any time of year! Add a pop of gold to your holiday party outfits this year with these Chloe Octagon or Moschino Cateye Glasses!