How to Style Sunglasses Inside

Okay, maybe it’s an unspoken rule that you can’t or aren’t allowed to wear sunglasses inside. But what about when the weather outside starts to get too cold and you still want to rock your Tom Ford or Gucci glasses? Here’s some tips to avoid keeping your glasses in storage.

#1. Wear Them on your Head

A messy, dry shampoo hairstyle could always use some spicing up. Throw on a pair on the top of your head for a cute hair accessory! Although make sure they are the plastic ones, like these Dior square glasses because the metal part in the middle of glasses could cause you to rip out your hair in the end. Ouch. 

#2. Wear Them on your Shirt

Another easy and accessible accessory! This style could make any dressy outfit more casual or a more casual outfit chic. Throw on a necklace too to add some dimension!

#3. Blue Light Glasses

Has anyone else wanted to rock a pair of prescription glasses but don’t actually need a pair? Blue light glasses have hit the media by storm this past year, and they can be so fashionable. Make an outfit look smarty with any of these blue light glasses from our website! Plus you can get away with scrolling on your phone during awkward moments and not strain your eyes.

#4. Opt for Smaller Lenses

So say you don’t actually care about wearing sunglasses inside or you had one too many drinks the night before. Whatever the case may be, smaller lens glasses make them less noticeable. These Valentino cateye glasses make for the perfect chic look!

#5. Just Rock Them!

At the end of the day, sunglasses are one of the easiest and most versatile accessories. You invest in them, why store them away all winter?! Plus, if you live in a warmer climate, your holiday parties might be half inside and half outside. Spice up your Thanksgiving outfit this year with this pair of Roberto Cavalli glasses to make a statement!

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