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About Us

At Kassual, we offer the most remarkable online shopping service in the whole of America at large, for all variety of designer eyewear at low and affordable prices. We take pleasure in providing the latest, attractive quality designer frames for prescription glasses, fashion glasses, and sun shades. We aim at giving you the supermodel look, beyond your wildest imagination at an efficient price.



Our only priority is the satisfaction of our customers, and because of that our commitment lies in providing our customers with;

Trending Eyewear

At Kassual, we have gone into collaboration with manufacturers of eyewear, and they deliver to us directly. This gives us the edge to sell to our customers the latest fashion in town in the world of eyewear before they become readily available.

Quality Eyewear

When it comes to products, quality matters, at Kassual, we are committed to offering our customers only with quality eyewear. This is why we have a special team do the task of screening our delivery before being brought into the store. Only exotic materials are allowed. Not just because they look so attractive, but also for their superb durability.

Affordable Eyewear

We sell our designer eyewear only at affordable prices, thanks to our partnership with different manufacturers that sell to us at first hand. Irrespective of the size of your pocket, Kassual will always have a premium designer eyewear for you.



Our mission is rigorous as we aim to be the number 1 designer eyewear provider of your choice.

    • Our online stores are open to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Feel free to browse through our stores to make a selection of your favorite eyewear, either for prescription purposes or non-prescription shades.
    • We have established a robust delivery network for our services, and there is no longer endless waiting for your orders. Once you place an order for a designer eyewear at Kassual, we get your package delivered within the twinkle of an eye, irrespective of where you are in the whole of America.
    • We provide a swift service without any loading delay on our websites. We also accept returns should in case you are not satisfied with the frame. But why would you not be satisfied? We give you the best taste in, of course.


This mission statement serves as the propelling motive for a growing relationship with our customers so far, and we are not ready to relent.



Are you ready to look hot, cute, and amazing like Karlie Kloss or Joseph Gordon Levitt? We can give you the celebrity look you’ve always loved and make you the source of eyewear envy amongst your mates at work, school, or anywhere using Kassual designer eyewear.

We offer you top choices that come straight from manufacturing factories, all very affordable with premium features.

If anything is unclear, or you have a question, you can clear that doubt by putting a call through to us.

Don’t dilly-dally about it, visit Kassual, the home of authentic eyewear fashionable accessories.