Sunglasses buying tips for the elderly

Talking about sunglasses is often limited to a statement of fashion even though there is plenty of evidence that eye-health and eye-care require the protection of our eyes from damaging rays. In most cases, designer sunglasses are made with the aim of attracting young individuals in the market as fashion. However, these glasses do a great job in protecting the eyes.

The concept of eye care is extremely important as one grows old. Seniors in society are more vulnerable to eye problems, especially those related to exposure to ultraviolet rays (UV). Prolonged and regular exposure to sunlight contributes to eyesight problems. Some of these problems include Keratitis, which is the irritation of the cornea, and cataracts resulting in the lens's clouding. Most older adults are affected by cataracts, and this eye problem is mainly caused by the impact of excessive sunlight, which results in the growth of clouds on the lens.

Exposure to UV rays for a long-time results in macular degeneration. Age-related macular degeneration is said to be the main cause of blindness among the elderly. While avoiding sunlight is not recommended as it exacerbates other health issues, it is vital to find ways to block UV rays from entering the eyes.

Sunglasses come in handy when it comes to the measures that the elderly can implement to protect their eyes from harmful rays. Most companies that manufacture sunglasses equip them with UV-blocking lenses, which minimizes the sun's damage. Furthermore, sunglasses are stylish and increase the glamour of one's fashion. While many experts have been vibrant in discussing the protection of parts like the skin from sunlight by wearing sunscreens, few will let you know that you need to block harmful rays from entering your eyes. Yet, our elderly are growing blind because of preventable causes. Let's wear sunglasses for healthy visual acuity!