How to remove scratches from your glasses?

While there is no definite method to remove scratches from your glasses, the following methods should help. Scratches are of two types – surface marks from touch or using the wrong cleaning tools and deep scratches

For superficial scratches, use the following

Baking soda paste – adds water to baking soda to form a paste; then rub the paste with a microfiber cloth and rinse under lukewarm water. You can also apply smooth toothpaste and rub all over the scratch, rinse and dry as you would when cleaning your glasses.

Wax- this is another way to remove superficial scratches. Apply a dollop of wax and rub all over in a circular motion. Since wax is oily, use a clean cloth to repeatedly clean until the surface is clean and clear.

These are the best option for eliminating scratches from your glasses. If the marks are deep, take it back to your optician to have them fixed or changed. Remember, glasses do not last forever, if the scratches become obvious, you need a new pair.