How to clean your glasses the right way

According to the Vision Council of America, over 4 billion people wear one form of corrective lens in the world. In the US, there are more women wearing glasses than men. While exhaling onto the lens and using the edges of a shirt to wipe them clean works, there is a cleaner, safer, and right way to clean your glasses.

Now we all know that a clean lens means clearer vision, but what is the right way to clean it. Before we jump into the right technique, these are some don’ts when cleaning your glasses.


Cleaning don’ts

  • Do not use your regular clothes or the edges of your shirt to clean your lenses – it can lead to minute scratches that impair your vision over time
  • Please do not spit or use your saliva to clean your glasses – it is unhygienic and will just attract pathogens to your lens and to your eyes.
  • Don’t use any household cleaning liquid or vinegar – it will strip off the protective layer and leave your glasses prone to damage
  • Avoid paper towel, napkin, or toilet tissues, they are too coarse and will scratch the lens.


Cleaning your glasses

  • Clean hand first – just because you want to wash your glasses doesn’t mean your hands should be dirty. Ensure you wash your hand with oil-free, lotion-free soap; anyone will do if they do not leave a residue. Use a lint-free cloth to dry your hand.
  • Remove the glasses – if the glasses are off, skip this part. If you still have them on, hold the glasses from the middle section and take it off gently. Avoid touching the lens too much with your hands.
  • Rinsing your glasses – under a tap of lukewarm water (lukewarm is water that feels hot but is not burning) roll your glasses under the tap, this removed dirt and unseen residues before washing. Do not run your glasses under hot water. It will damage and weaken them
  • Add soap to the lens – most soaps and cleansers are concentrated and harsh on your glasses. However, dishwashing liquid works; it is concentrated but soft enough to clean without damaging the lenses. Apply along with the handles and use a lint-free cloth to scrub in a circular motion.
  • Rinse the glasses again – under a lukewarm running tap, rinse all areas and ensure there is no soap residue left or until the water stops foaming. Shake off excess water (be gentle) and place them on a lint-free towel.

If you are not in a hurry, allow them to dry on their own, Inspect the glasses for any streak or stains, if noticeable, use a microfiber cloth to wipe them clean. Your glasses are clean and ready for use.